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Ceaselessly sing the name of the Lord [PARTIEV]

Words and music : Emmanuel Community (J.-F. Léost)

Ceaselessly sing the name of the Lord,
Ages will praise without ending !
Filling our hearts, His love to transform,
Reign in our souls King of kings !

O taste and see how good God is to us,
He who forgives all the sinners who trust,
When in hope they turn to Him !

Let us turn back and convert to the Lord,
Our eyes fixed on Him who heals with His word,
His mercy gives us new life !

When on the cross Jesus hung for our souls,
Off-‘ring His life and redeeming the world,
His death has opened our eyes !

The Blood and Body of Jesus, our Lord,
Living with us as a gift to receive,
The Eucharistic high feast.

Washing of feet as the servants of God.
Our hearts are open to Jesus the source,
His love for all to receive.

Follow the Lord as His friends did before,
They whose hearts Jesus transformed by His word,
His love makes holy our deeds !

We witness to God’s love here in the world,
He lights a spark that burns bright in our souls,
Our hearts the Spirit will lead !

Original title (FR) : Chantons sans fin le nom du Seigneur
© 2007, Éditions de l’Emmanuel, 89 boulevard Blanqui, 75013 Paris
Translation : © 2018, Emmanuel Community



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