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Come, Holy Spirit, be my desire [PARTIEV]

Words and music : M. Nathaniel

Come, Holy Spirit,
Be my desire,
Open my heart
To accepting your love.
Search me, O God,
And know me in depth.
Come, be the joy of my life.

Spirit of God,
Who searches the heart,
Know me, O Lord,
And lead me by your grace.
Give me a heart
Of flesh, not of stone.
Pierce me and fill me
With unending joy.

Spirit of God,
Who comes like the wind,
Fill me and enter
The rooms of my heart.
Come, bring your light,
And enlighten my soul.
Come, make your home in me,
Come, make me whole.

Spirit of God,
Who comes like a flame,
Give me the courage
To speak of your love.
Set me ablaze
With your consuming fire.
Make me a sacrifice
Pleasing to you.

Spirit of God,
Who enters the heart,
As you filled Mary,
The mould of the Lord,
Make me an image
Of Jesus, the Christ.
Come, use my hands
And my feet for your Word.

© 2018, Mark Nathaniel



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