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COTE IEV: 11-25-EN

For You, o Lord [MP3]

Words and music : B. Suijkerbuijk

R. For You, o Lord, I sing my song of joy ;
How great You are, o my God !
With all my heart, I give You honour and thanks,
I offer You endless praise.

1. See I stand before You, Lord,
Prepared to follow your way.
In your hand I put my trust ;
Take me Lord !

2. Lord, I lift my hands on high,
I praise your glorious name ;
You have taught my lips to sing
Of your praise !

3. For your glory, Lord, is great,
And great your marvels for me ;
By your light You have dispelled
All my fears !

4. I will never cease to praise,
Proclaim and honour You, Lord ;
For your glory I will sing,
Holy Lord !

Original title (NL) : Ik wil voor U mijn hymnen zingen, Heer
© 1989, Gemeenschap Emmanuel Nederland, Postbus 5504, 6202 XA Maastricht
Translation : © 2002, Emmanuel Community


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