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God, be glorified [PARTIEV]

Words and music : B. Pavageau – Harmonisation : D. Rollo

God, our Father,
Full of love, we bless Your Name
For all things which You have made.
May you be praised,
You fill all things with Your presence every day.
We have seen Your goodness, Lord,
Your Name is great !

God, be glorified
For the beauty of the world.
May Your Name be magnified
Through the earth and heav’n.
Beauty comes from You,
All things tell of Your Name.
You are worthy to be praised !

Jesus Christ, Redeemer, Lord,
We bless Your Name.
All creation came to be
Through you alone.
Out of love, you came to dwell
With all you made.
By your blood, all is renewed.
Come save us, Lord !

Living God, ever-holy One,
Help us live in service of your wonders.
Make us witnesses of your peace.
Keep our hearts and minds away from coldness.
All the poor and the earth cries out :
« Fill us with your light and with your power ».
May we guard every sacred life,
May your justice reign forevermore.

Holy Spirit, source of joy,
We bless your name.
All creation, you make pure
and sanctify.
Come and see the universe
cry out in pain.
Come, deliver us from death,
For you are life !

Laudato Si’ !
Laudato Si’ !

Original title (FR) : Loué sois-tu
© 2019, Éditions de l’Emmanuel, 89 boulevard Blanqui, 75013 Paris
Translation : © 2020, Emmanuel Community



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