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COTE IEV: 22-24-EN

God, You know my heart [MP3]

Words : A. McDougall – Music : D. Sheridan

1. The goodness of this man ; now my life will have to change.
He looked into my soul and knew things he could not know.
Who is this man, how can he see the truth inside of me ?
How can it be ? That he see me ? Why me ?

R. God, You know my heart,
Lord, You know my thoughts
If I rise to the highest heav’ns,
You are there, by my side, my God.
You are there, by my side, my God

2. He showed me who I am ; that I’m pure and loved and free.
He took me by the hand ; I’ve never known a better man.
And now I know this man of God, he points me to above.
How can it be ? That he God chose me ? Why me ?

3. To think there of the past, my delusion of true love
The dark had hidden me now Your light has set me free.
Free from fear, free from shame, now You have called my name.
How can it be, that You chose me, why me ?

© 2016, Emmanuel Publications, 89 boulevard Blanqui, 75013 Paris


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