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Look up to the star [PARTIEV]

Words and music : Emmanuel Community (C. Blanchard / I. Seguin)

If the wind brings darker news of temptation.
If you’re cast upon the rocks of your cares.
If you cannot fight the waves of ambition,
And the storms of passion drown out your prayers.

Look up to the star, call Mary by name,
Follow her voice, be not afraid.
Look up to the star, call Mary by name,
Trust, she will lead you on the way.

When in anguish and in doubt you lose your way,
When the darkness of despair covers you.
When you’re faced with memories of all your faults,
And the thought of being judged tortures you.

If your soul is overcome with avarice,
Overwhelmed by what it sees jealously.
If your heart is swallowed up and all is lost,
And you’re drowned beneath your own misery.

Shining out across the sea as our guiding Star,
Showing from afar the port that you seek.
For her rays shine pure and strong over all the Earth,
In the Heavens high above, in the deep.

Follow her voice, you will never stray.
Call on her name, she will strengthen you.
Be not afraid, with you she will stay.
True to the port, she is guiding you.

Original title (FR) : Regarde l’étoile
© 2012, Editions de l’Emmanuel, 89 boulevard Blanqui, 75013 Paris
Translation : © 2013, Emmanuel Community



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