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COTE IEV: 15-29-EN

Lord, lead us to the Father [MP3]

Words and music : Emmanuel Community (P. Schneider)
Harmonisation : Emmanuel Community (M. Hagemann)

R. Lord, lead us to the Father ;
Lord, teach us the way.
Lord, lead us to the Father,
Him alone.

Soliste :
1. My way is the way of truth and life,
Only this way leads to God.
If you know Me, you have known Him as well,
From this moment you have seen.

2. I have been with you for many a day,
Yet you still do not believe.
I am in the Father, He is in Me ;
If you see Me, you see Him.

3. What I say is at the Father’s command ;
He is living in Me now.
You must trust me when I give you his word,
Trust the witness of my deeds.

4. Everything you ask of Him in my name
He will surely offer you.
So the Father will have glory in me ;
You will do what I have done.

5. If you love me you will keep my word,
And the Father will love you.
He will bless you with the spirit of truth ;
He will tell you all you need.

6. I have chosen you, you did not choose me,
I chose you to bear my fruit.
Do not let your hearts be sad or afraid ;
I will not abandon you.

Refrain final :
Lord, lead us to the Father ;
Lord, You are the way.
Lord, lead us to the Father,
Him alone.

Original title (DE) : Herr, zeige uns den Vater
© 1999, Gemeinschaft Emmanuel, Kolbergstraße 4, 84503 Altötting
Translation : © 2009, Emmanuel Community

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