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COTE IEV: 14-22-EN

Love will never pass away [MP3]

Words and music : Emmanuel Community (M. Hagemann)

R. Love will never pass away,
Love will remain.
Love, only Love,
Yes, Love will never pass away,
Love will remain.

1. If I possess the wisdom of all ages
To penetrate all mysteries.
Though commanding the language of angels,
I am nothing without Love.

2. If to the poor I give all my possessions,
And give my body to be burned.
Even if my faith can move the mountains
I am nothing without Love.

3. For Love is kind and patient, never jealous,
It does not boast ; it is not rude
Yes, for Love gives itself without ceasing,
Never seeks for its own gain.

4. For Love is not conceited or resentful,
Does not rejoice in evil deeds.
Yes, it trusts and forgives, always ready
To endure whatever comes.

5. One day all tongues will fail and then be silent,
And prophecies will be no more.
Before God, Holy Lord and our Master,
Only Love will then remain.

Original title (DE) : Die Liebe hört niemals auf
© 1999, Gemeinschaft Emmanuel, Kolbergstraße 4, 84503 Altötting
Translation : © 2000, Emmanuel Community

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