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COTE IEV: 15-41-EN

O Maria, you’re the mother [MP3]

Words and music : M. Wittal

R. O Maria,
You’re the mother of our Lord.
It was through your Yes,
That the Word became flesh :
Jesus, our Lord.

1. When the angel came to you announcing
Christ would soon be born,
It was God himself
Who visited his people.
The power from on high,
The Holy Spirit came to you :
Your child is
« Son of God, Emmanuel. »

2. Your presence, Mary, gives us hope
And helps us to believe,
That the grace of God
Is stronger than our weakness.
You believed that God fulfils his word
As the angel spoke to you :
Yes, nothing is
Impossible to God !

3. O Lord, send out your Holy Spirit
As You promised us.
We ask You, with our mother, we implore You !
Take away our fear
And we’ll proclaim You,
Set our world on fire !
Lord, give your power,
Make us your apostles.

Refrain final :
O Maria,
You’re the mother of us all.
Pray with us to the Lord,
For he gave us his word :
Holy Spirit, come !

© 2001, M. Wittal

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