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Take and eat [PARTIEV]

Words and music : Emmanuel Community (A. Broeders)

Take and eat :
This is my body.
Take and drink : this is my blood.
Open your heart !
I give my life. I am with you
Until the end of time !

Come dwell in me, as I dwell in you.
Just as the Father has loved me, so I love you.
No love is greater than a love that gives its all.
No longer servants, I call you my friends.

Ask in my name, what you ask I will do.
Then you will know the love my Father has for you.
I give my Spirit, He will help you on your way.
Do not be troubled. My peace be with you !

I pray for them so that they may be one.
One in us Father, just as you and I are one.
May they discover the love you have for me.
May they discover your love dwells in them !

Original title (NL) : Neemt en eet
© 2002, Gemeenschap Emmanuel Nederland, Postbus 5504, 6202 XA Maastricht
Translation : © 2002, Emmanuel Community



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