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Wait for the Lord and stay quiet [PARTIEV]

Words and music : M. Wittal

Wait for the Lord and stay quiet.
Wait for the Lord, for his light.
On his promise I rely, I will put my trust in Him.
I believe in what He said. I’ll wait for God.


Stay in Jerusalem, stay.
Wait for the Father to work.
“When God’s Spirit comes to you,
You’ll receive the power too,
And you’ll be my witnesses
Throughout the earth.

(Peter and Mary)

“Ask, you will surely receive.
You’ll hear my voice when you call.”
For the Father knows us all.
He will never let us fall.
He will give us food that lasts


On the eighth day, evening came.
I heard his voice, still the same.
“Put your finger in my side,
Thomas, leave your doubts behind !”
Full of joy, I cried aloud :
“My Lord, my God !”


“Now you have seen, you believe.
Now you have touched with your hand.
But how happy are the ones,
Who will hear of what you’ve done.
They will neither touch nor see,
Yet they’ll believe.”


Gabriel came close to me.
“Mary, do not be afraid !
For the Spirit will come down.
And a son you will conceive.
For the people, he will be
Emmanuel !”


All of my fear fell away.
In the Lord’s presence, I stayed.
With my whole heart, I replied :
“I’m the handmaid of the Lord.
May it all be done to me,
As you have said.”

© 2001, M. Wittal



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