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Within your sight [PARTIEV]

Words and music : M. Wittal

Within Your sight, I am in safety,
Within Your sight, I learn to be.
Within Your sight, I rest on Your heart,
Within Your sight, I become free.
Jesus, I need you, I want to know You,
I want to see the power of your victory.
Through your compassion, transform my heart ;
From your wounds flow the streams of new life.

I look to You, Jesus, my Saviour,
I look to You, You are my light.
I look to You, surrendering all, God,
I look to You, with faith, I believe.
You run with me, running the great race,
Aiming towards the joy of everlasting life.
My past in your mercy, my future in your hands,
And for now, here I rest in your love.

Jesus, adoramus te !
Jesus, adoramus te !
Jesus, adoramus te !
Jesus, adoramus te !
We worship You, Lord !
We worship You, Lord !
We worship You, Lord !
Jesus Christ, we come to adore !

Original title (DE) : In deinem Blick
© 2017, Gemeinschaft Emmanuel, Kolbergstraße 4, 84503 Altötting
Translation : © 2018, Emmanuel Community



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