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COTE IEV: 24-06-EN

You are my healer [MP3]

Words and music : Emmanuel Community (D. Sheridan)

1. I cry to you, Father, Your Spirit within.
And though I am weak, Your mercy I seek,
To wash me from all of my sins.
My Jesus, my Saviour, my Lord and my God.
My heart’s true desire, is Your heav’nly fire,
To be with you forever more.

R. « You are my healer » with the heavens I sing.
« Hosanna ; I’ll praise You, my God and my King. »
Glory and power to Your most holy name.
Our God saves.
And his greatness I’ll proclaim.

2. I’ll live by the Spirit to be filled with grace.
O Lord, cleanse my soul and come, make me whole.
I long for your loving embrace.
I know you are faithful, yet, Father, I fear.
Oh, when will I see your power in me ?
And yet I know you’re always near.

Pont :
Lord, we are precious of worth in Your eyes.
Sonship You gave us by Your sacrifice.
And in our night, we see your light
As grace pours into our lives.

© 2016, Emmanuel Publications, 89 boulevard Blanqui, 75013 Paris

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